MRESENCE™ - Presence in Mixed Reality


An Enablement Platform
A better way to do on-line
Collaboration, Distance Learning, TeleMedicine, TeleMeetup™ or TeleAnything™

If you are a user of TeamViewer, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex etc. you would have occasions when you wished to do things in situ and be able to

1. show the corresponding party/parties with direction of “See What I See” and
2. ask them to follow you and vice versa with “Touch What I Touch” and
3. even have them experience and share their sentiments with “Empathy over Cyberspace”
4. use the collaboration software + all of the above-stated desired features in situ from a Smartphone or a Tablet
Note that you can achieve all of the above-stated and more with/through MRESENCE.

MRESENCE is an Enablement Platform that enables on-line interactions among participants with Presence in Mixed Reality (“MRESENCE”).
Presence implies that people are together in one same physical space. There are circumstances due to geographical dispersion, political barriers, economic difficulty, the urgency of now etc. that make it impossible for Presence to take place.
In such instances, a good practical approximation to Presence is MRESENCE enabled by MRESENCE Enablement Platform, a cloud-based service platform for operation in Mixed Reality (“MR”) production.
When you cannot be present at an event, you can do the next best thing by being Mresent and participate in the event with a significant latitude for interactions. All it takes is a quick and easy set up using your Smartphone or Tablet working in conjunction with the MRESENCE Enablement Platform.
MRESENCE caters to any service provision operation involving parties that are seeking advice/expertise/know-how and the parties that are able to provide advice/expertise/know-how on demand in certain situation, where the parties are physically separated and remote from one another, in configuration that may be

• one-to-one
• one-to-many
• many-to-one and
• many-to-many

MRESENCE achieves in Mixed Reality production
• "See What I See"
• "Touch What I Touch" and
• "Empathy over Cyberspace"
for applications of such situations and configuration.

MRESENCE provides facility listed as follows:
• Registration for on-boarding service providers and users as subscribers to become advice seeker and advice giver complete with set up for facial recognition-based access to the platform, profiles of business and individual etc.
• Rating by users of one another’s performance and aptitude – service seeker on service provider and vice versa
• Chatbot for enhanced UX for preliminary directions to the user and advanced filtering to determine the scope of the service user’s needs
• Blockchain crypto protection of records text, voice, audio, video, data and graphics for posterity or subsequent use /purposes
• Big Data Analytics of data collected
• AI Deep Learning to progressively make improvement in service provision operation including the operation of matching advice seeker with the appropriate advice giver
• Billing and invoicing function to allow for billing chargeable services
• On-line payment gateway interface for collection of payment per usage instance, per time of consultation etc.
• Password/facial recognition-protected secured access to dashboard for each service provider and the administration of service provision for visibility of performance and usage data etc.
• Heat map to give high-level view of overall and global performance of all kinds of data being tracked.
• Network security protection
• High availability and fail proof cloud-based operation
• Compliance with Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

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