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"See What I See" and "Touch What/Where I Touch"

Citizen Journalism MRESENCE™

"I can see applications of CJ MRESENCE and other MRESENCE-based services in the Public Sector in departments of Public Health, Public Works, Public Security and Social Welfare."

It is also applicable to organization situation for daily/periodical reporting and discussion from the various outposts to the Central Command among personnel and also in applications for:

• crowdsourcing to do findings by personal interview,
• crowdsourcing to do survey of a place or a situation,
• crowdsourcing to do recording of events in real time as they evolve.

Apart from its "See What I See" and "Touch What/Where I Touch" features that enables high efficacy and great efficiency operation, the great advantage offered by CJ MRESENCE is that it is:

• very easy to set up,
• very convenient to use for pinpointing to get better accuracy and clarity,
• very affordable.

MRESENCE Enablement Platform is also good for applications in:

• TeleMedicine ( MRESENCE enabled huge saving in Healthcare provision),
• TeleCollaboration (MRESENCE enables efficient use of expert human resource and huge reduction in travel costs),
• On-line Distance Learning (for general education and social edification of the general public),
• TeleMeetUp among friends and loved ones.

citizen journalism mresence

Collaboration, Distance Learning, TeleMedicine, TeleMeetup™ or TeleAnything™

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