MRESENCE™ - Presence in Mixed Reality

Collaboration with MRESENCE. Communicate, Share, Interact and Collaborate in AR/VR REALVision. Expert seeswhat the Field Personnel sees at the remote job site. Field Personnel gets the Expert’s advice, instructions and even handholding to get the job done.

CollaboMRation caters to businesses with multi-national operation for their need in providing great-efficacy and high-efficiency services to their clientsand customers through field personnel or local support personnel who have access totheir engineering department and research lab to obtain helpor advice by experts if required. The service facility provided through MRESENCE can be available at anytime across time zones in any part of the world where broadband Internet access is available. This mode of operation enables optimum cost efficiency and efficacy in the deployment of human resource in work operations.

MRESENCE Enablement Platform has facility accessible by the business’s clients and personnel for on-demand provision of digital assets, such as trouble shooting manuals, schematics etc., of the business, already stored in the Platform, in Augmented Reality (“AR”) Production

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