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Look up and share verses in the scripture with friends and loved ones as though they are right next to you.

On-Line Learning with MRESENCE™

Dialogue and Q&A in real time.

On-Line Learning with MRESENCE™. The fastest and cost-effective way of setting up an AR-enabled teaching class for audience worldwide for instructions of any kind. Dialogue and Q&A in real time.

If you are an expert with special skills, knowledge, and experience, especially one who is enjoying a fulfilling retirement, desiring to impart your knowledge to others in the world at large (and yes also to have some monetary gain), you would wish that there is a quick and easy way to set up an On-line Distance Learning virtual studio just with your Smartphone.

Imagine an elderly lady who is an expert in Crochet teaching and demonstrating to tens or hundreds of students eager to learn the exceptional skill of making intricate Crochet. The expert is in her living room with her Smartphone in a goose-neck holder in an instant studio setting showing off her nimble moves with her crochet hooks and having it all broadcast through MRESENCE™.

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